This is a short clip of the course introduction. You may enjoy the video and take a view about the course.


You may also download the Powerpoint slides of course introduction below:

@-BECourse Introduction PPT




Sign-up Sheet for First Group Meeting

I have just created a signup sheet for the first group discussion event on Mendeley. Please sign up the date and time you are available for our first study group meeting on DOODLE:

If you cannot get access to it, please leave your email under this post and I will send an invitation email to you:)

Click on the time and dates you are able to attend the group meeting

Click on the time and dates you are able to attend the group meeting

It is an excellent opportunity to meet and get familiarize with other students !!

We will talk about the following issues:
1) Introduce yourself

2) Your aims and expectations with this course (optional)

3) Anything you would like to ask about the course 

4)Anything you would like to suggest fro online communication of our course

5) Your feelings about the first module 

Last but not least, please find a peer assessor for your writing and speaking task. It would be really helpful to have someone look at your homework:)


Which level are you in ?

This course is designed for intermediate-level or advanced learners. Before you take our course, you may choose a level that reflects your current knowledge of business English. As you will be invited to enter a online study group based on your level, so please select a level below.

If you haven’t taken any exam before –> Take an exam here –> choose to enter L1/ L2 OR contact me

If you have passed BEC Preliminary or achieve a score  equivalent to this level–> enter Level 1

If you have passed BEC Vantage or achieved a score equivalent to this level –> enter Level 2 

If you have made up your mind to take my course, whichever level you are in, please send me your test results and anything you are expected to achieve through this course. Just let me know your needs: